Monday, 6 May 2013


The Second International Congress about Videogames and Education will be held from 1 to 3 October 2013 in Cáceres (Extremadura - Spain). Their motto is "From Edutainment to Games-based learning." The idea is to advance the knowledge of experiences and initiatives that have been increasing the theoretical and methodological applications to what is now called games based learning and are taking great strength from his appearance at Horizon reports. This congress is organized by the research group "Nodo Educativo" belonging to Department of Educational Sciences of the Faculty of Teacher Training in Cáceres (University of Extremadura). Similarly, we must say that this congress continued the work and conclusions of the First International Congress of Videogames and Education held in Alfáz del Pí in February 2012.
The Second Congress also intends to further deepen the involvement and meeting all those professionals responsible for the formation of new generations from different disciplinary areas and educational levels, professionals who perform their duties in Non Formal Education (NFE) of creators, designers, game developers and industry professionals to drive this new perspective of learning and participation of students in higher education.

To facilitate the participation of as many interested professionals, this congress shall have two modalities regular attendees and virtual attendees. Which will allow researchers and practitioners from around the world to present their work, discuss and establish exchanges? Another objective is to ensure that investigations are widely distributed and are useful for the scientific community, so the accepted submissions will be published with ISBN and licensed "creative commons" in the conference proceedings.
All interested persons, whether researchers, professionals and students are invited to actively participate in the various sessions of the congress and to submit communications, presentations, innovations, educational interventions, designs and experiences that will undoubtedly enrich all parties involved in the discussions to be established. Yet it is our sincere hope that you enjoy this conference and to enrich the experiences that expose participants. And of course enjoy the experience in all dimensions. Welcome everybody.

Francisco I. Revuelta. President of Congress