The participation to the congress will be organized by presenting communications. They will be assigned to the subjects or areas of the congress.
Participation in the conference will be both in regular attendee and in virtual attendee by the following recommendations:

- The closing date for receipt of submissions is June 17, 2013 at 24:00 July 20, 2013 at 24:00. Mail will be forwarded to Congress
- Communications may be written in Spanish or English.
- Submissions must be unpublished and not be under evaluation for any magazine.
- Items may be empirical, theoretical reflections, and historical studies describing innovative educational experiences with videogames.
- Items are sent as attachments in. Doc (Microsoft Word - template). Odt (Open Impress - template). Please do not send in. Docx.
- Papers should be between 10 and 20 pages (not including the summary in Spanish and English taking precedence as the first and second pages, respectively along with 5-7 keywords in Spanish and English), with Garamond, 12, spacing of spacing, justified on both sides, 2cm margins on all four sides and A4 size. The different sections of the article should be numbered and in bold, using italics for subheadings. Inside the text does not use bold or underlined.

- Avoid footers with more than 7 lines, and go in Garamond, 10 and justified.

- References APA6 follow format.

- Symposiums and communications will be published on this website with an ISBN.

- The communications will be in regular attendance rapporteurs format, participants will not use digital presentations: the rapporteurs must make a synthesis of the contributions and then will be open time for clarification to callers. Later, will be a debate that will set the time of interaction between participants and their proposals. The rapporteurs finally collected the conclusions of the table that will provide communications to the conclusions of the congress.

- All callers and signatories of contributions must be listed in the conference and have paid the required fees.


Symposiums are intended to address, and further study of a subject from different perspectives. The development of these issues will be framed in the areas related to congress and the lines that develop prioritized.
Each proposal must identify a person symposium coordinator and a common theme developed through 3 (minimum) or 4 (maximum) of contributions made by people from different institutions or companies, thus promoting approaches the subject from a variety of viewpoints.
The overall contribution of the Symposium will be signed by more than 4 people, but at the time of its development, for effective management of the allotted time, may not be submitted for more than four people.
The symposium on a proposal by the Organization or the Scientific Committee will be presented at a session of 120 minutes, consisting of: introduction of participants, presentation of the subject, exposure of each contribution, discussion and public debate.
To send the full contents of the issue are set the following conditions: The text in Microsoft Word will no longer than 20 pages (including all contributions), leading to 1.5, in 12 point Garamond. The coordinator of the symposium will be in charge of sending all the documents indicated that e-mail (

Virtual Participation will be open from September 23 to October 7, 2013. Will be accessible by password provided by the registered organization.

- The presentations will be sent in. Ppt. Maximum 7 slides: Home, Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions and Bibliography.

- Alongside these slideshows, and with the intention to realize the full potential of the platform multimedia, participants are invited to orally recorded on video explaining the slides, so that your presentation will be much more attractive and clear for the look. The videos sent by links hosted on a virtual hard disk or Youtube.

- All on-line communicators and signers of contributions must be listed in the conference and have paid the required fees.

To all the companies developing games, interactive activities, simulations and serious games in any medium are invited to exhibit a booth during the conference days.